St Paul's Cathedral

Set amongst the tower blocks of London's financial sector, St Paul's Cathedral has a dominating presence. And still proves to be a popular place for the privileged rich and famous to exchange their vows, most recently those of Charles and Di.

St Paul's Cathedral is the fifth church to stand on this site and followed that of Old St Paul's, with its amazing 160m spire which was one of the wonders of medieval Europe until it was destroyed by fire.
One of the only remaining monuments to survive the fire of Old St Paul's is a statue of the poet John Donne. Inside St Paul's there are many memorials from the likes of Winston Churchill, Nelson, and The Duke of Wellington just to mention a few. The southern aisle, also known as Artist's Corner, boasts as many artists and architects as Westminster Abbey has Poets.

Inside the enormous dome lies the Whispering Gallery, It is said that if you whisper close to the wall it can be heard over a hundred feet away at the other side of the dome, although the gallery is normally too busy to try this for yourself.

Nearest Tube Station - St Paul's or Mansion House