Kensington Palace

kensington palaceKensington Palace has been home to Royalty since the 17th century. A beautiful Jacobean mansion, divided into apartments, is surrounded by the tranquil beauty of Kensington Gardens. A sunken garden, and round pond lie within the palace's grounds. Formally the round pond was stocked with turtles, the main ingredient of George I's favourite soup, although now used for sailing model boats. Kensington Palace (or KP as it is fondly known within Royal circles) was the birth place of Queen Victoria. More recently, Princess Margaret, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, and the late Diana, Princess of Wales have resided here.

Much of the decor and history depicts the life of Queen Victoria who spent many childhood days here, with one room totally preserved as a memorial to her. The Queen's bedchamber, decked out in blue velvet, is where Queen Anne died, from apoplexy after over-eating. Guided tours are available and last approximately 1 hour.

Nearest Tube Station - High Street Kensington.